My work expands the languages of contemporary paintings and drawings by playing with roles that each character positions themselves, in regards to contemporary culture and human behavior. Aspects that are forgotten, buried, discarded or disregarded.

I try to employ all that has lain outside of the mainstream of modern art; for example, age-old symbols and fanciful realities, irrational beliefs, traditional genres like landscape, using barbed wit and wonder, with a mixture of the material and the spiritual world.

The paintings give shape to a complete imaginative world akin to those of earlier Romantic and Surrealist visionaries. With a cast of figures drawn from the imaginative, cinema, modern-day politics and from my own history.

Such characters might seem to exist at the outer reaches of our ordinary sensory thresholds, as though momentarily illuminated by my vivid powers of description.

Though in my imagined world, each spiritual being struggles to co-exist within themselves, mankind and spiritual life always maintains the upper hand, even when mankind's avarice threatens everything else.

My paintings embody either man's tragic folly or nature's wisdom and life force. My dexterity with painting allows each object and figure, despite its origins, to possess an alarming, talismanic potency and an ironic simplicity.